Thursday, January 3, 2013


Hello fans,

I have been so busy with this Miss Cali pageant - who knew! I have been busy working on myself, both the inside and the outside. (The outside had some help with personal trainer Johnny Ray at the LA Fitness in Encino. Follow him on twitter @imselfmade3 - he's amazing!) The inside, basically have been reading more of Dr. Wayne Dyer - love him!!! - and just trying to remember things of my past/about me so I am prepared for the interview questions.

Also needed to get dresses, shoes, jewelry (from Inland Fashion), hair extensions, curling iron, makeup (sponsored by the airbrush professionals, Dinair (@dinair1 on instagram / @dinair on Twitter). Finally got my swim suit customized from Cexce Bikinis  -- now just waiting on my gown!! (and their shoes ... and maybe some more hair extensions haha). Next week will be getting my teeth whitened from the amazing dentists at Sunset Plaza Dental (tell them I referred you if you need a dentist!) .. then will get sugared from Studio Alexandria, and spray tanned from Bronzed -- can't wait!!

This journey has been amazing and something so new for me. I can't wait to compete (and win ;) ) and to meet these amazing girls from all over the state of California. Also excited to get the word out there about Cystic Fibrosis, my platform on which I will compete. Very much looking forward to seeing where life takes me after the pageant! Stay tuned!!

PS - if you want to buy tickets for the event and support me, I will be forever grateful!:

PPS -- I have just gotten into Homeland -- OMG I AM OBSESSED!

All for now,
Harley's Hype

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